Thursday, June 26, 2014

# Daily Journal # stay at home mom

What Makes Me Survive

Being a stay at home mom is the hardest thing for me,,,
doing the same things everyday could be boring...,
moreover i'm a dynamic person..
so now i'm thinking about how to survive from the routines...
and the answer is to create dynamic life in home

First i'm thinking about things that will not be the same everyday
and it is about food,,,
I thought i can't cook, i didn't feel confident to cook for others...
When i'm home, i just saw my grandma or my mom or my maid cook..
The excuse is why should i cook when there are a lot of people can cook :p
But now it's different... i can cook , i never knew it before
i feel more confident because hubby loves the food..

He loves the food because he loves me or he loves me because he loves the food..
Start confusing... i just know there are a lot of loves here :D
Now i always try new recipe everyday.. i should also post here and maybe it's a goo idea too.., 
Second i'm thinking about drawing and painting
There are a lot of media and tools, and since i live in my own house
i can make experiment in everything.. you know like a wall, shirt, bed sheet, gordyn and etc..
I also buy a lot of tools... acrylic paint, marker, fabric marker, ceramic marker..

Anyway sometimes i feel down, useless and empty especially when i think about my future
in three or five or ten years from now... I just don't want to stay the same..

Hubby said "Don't worry about the future, you just need to do the things that you can do now"
and he's right.. I feel much much better and i try to not scared about the future again.. and again... and again..,

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